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JBL x Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge has a story, but nobody knows it. And brands prefer to show him as either a giant or a name pun. 


To make up for this, we surprised him with a couple things: custom bats, matching headphones, and recreated sounds from his past. While the bats showed different chapters from his life, JBL Audio transported him back through the pages. 


In his own words, here‘s what his story sounds like:



Bat Design 

Baseball Bat Mockup 04 BG3.png
IG 1080x1080 SHOT_10_350.jpg
IG 1080x1080 SHOT_10_313.jpg

I was selected out of 10 illustrators by our director to illustrate a bat for Aaron judge. This highlights Aaron's superstition about chewing gum at every game. 

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